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How to get thread approved?

All unnapproved threads at 10.03.2021 was removed, therefore you will need to re-create your threads. Firstly your threads will be approved on If your thread does not break our rules for some time - we can approve similar thread on,, If you want it, ofc. If you want to get your threads approved ASAP, just follow these simple rules:
It is absolutely unprofitable to do this. We're monitoring new posts almost every day and such content will be removed very quickly, with permament ban, it goes without saying. But it will be very difficult to re-create thread. Probably have to wait several months.
Keep in mind, that we can remove all your threads for at least 1 post with underage content Exclamation
  • No ZOO porn.
  • Maximum 3 topics in each section per 1 user.
  • Do not post shit-quality stuff. Do not use low resolution or low quality images.
  • We allow any filehosts and any imagehosts.
Why my thread hasn't been approved for a long time?
Most likely your stuff is not credible. It may also be that the start post is too young. In this case, it is best to contact the admin by providing him link to a similar topic on another forum. Admin replies ONLY on Therefore, for all of the above forums, contact the admin only on

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